By C B Cochran 22-Mar-2014: An interesting and entertaining book which tells the life story of a gifted and versatile painter who excelled in both portraiture and landscape watercolours. His portrait of King George V. is famous for humanising the King"s image. The book is wide ranging and includes fascinating stories about the many people whose portraits the Artist painted as well as many anecdotes about the Artist"s friends.

By Mark Woods 20-Jun-2014: This is a splendid and detailed account of an unaccountably neglected painter. The book is good not just on Nowell but on his context, bringing to life his Nonconformist milieu as well as the wider currents of culture and history within which he moved. There are enough good illustrations to convince of his artistic merit, too. Recormmended!



The Nonconformist Painter - Arthur Trevethin Nowell 1862 - 1940

The artist Arthur Nowell retained strong Victorian characteristics. He lived in fast changing times. This first biography is interspersed with related diversions which help to set the scene: Art schools, the Royal Academy, fellow artists (Burne-Jones, Waterhouse and Watts among them), artistic trends, 'the naked truth', Methodism, cotton, New York, Europe, the times in which he lived. A portrait and 'High Art' painter, with a love of watercolour drawing (to borrow his term), Nowell met and befriended celebrated artists and prominent personalities from many walks of life; names familiar today. Brief vignettes add interest. King George V and Queen Mary each sat to Nowell, their portraits among one hundred black and white illustrations. The Noncomformist Painter is wide ranging and thoughtfully researched book.


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